Hiya! My name is Isabelle, but here on the interwebs I go by Tev! I'm a 19 year old transwoman (pre-everything =A=), and I love both art and video games! Plus I'm an UBER WEEB!!! And a weirdo furry. Currently, I am in a relationship with the greatest, nicest guy in the world, Mike~ We've been going strong for a year now! Our Anniversary is April 27th!
I'm aspiring to become a game developer, but programming is super hard! If and when I ever finish any games, they'll be featured in the (Currently unaccessible, still setting the site up xwx) Media section! I also want to get into making webcomics, and any comics I ever make will be featured there as well~

A Recap, and Fast facts about me:

I'll be sure to update this page with more fast facts if they come to mind! If you want to contact me on social media, or you just want to see some of my favourite websites, check out the Other Links Page!

Backie backie back!