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(Embedded midis are disabled for the time being until I can get it working to a more satisfactory level, gomen nasai~ ;0;)
Hiya! Welcome to the FANTABULOUS homepage of Tev Teusixten (That's pronounced two-sixteen)! This is my cozy little home away from home, so to speak; so please, kick off your shoes, make yourself at home, and enjoy your stay~

This site has been crafted as a loving homage to all the glorious pages on Geocities out there. As with most of them, this one is under construction! Gomen nasai ^^; in the mean time, why not sign the guest book? Just so you know, this site WILL have some anachronism in its content, as this is meant to be my own personal site. Apologies if that's not your thing. ^^; Think of this as less of a long forgotten web page from the 90's, and more if the 90's aesthetics never died!